As businesses continue to expand and operate globally, the need for efficient and effective workforce management solutions has never been greater. HR managers often struggle to communicate and manage the schedule of the frontline workforce. Fortunately, UKG solutions can help companies manage their frontline workforce efficiently. UKG solutions is a cloud-based human capital management and workforce management solution that helps companies streamline and automate HR processes, including payroll, benefits, and time and attendance tracking. With UKG solutions, companies can manage their entire frontline workforce from one central platform, making it easy to stay organized and keep track of employee data across multiple locations.

An Essential Solution for Frontline Workers

Scheduling frontline workers with CloudApper is now even easier. CloudApper is a no-code platform partnered with UKG to allow UKG users to customize their applications according to their requirements. With CloudApper, users can easily pull data from their UKG solution and use customized applications to streamline the shift management process of their frontline employees. For UKG clients, CloudApper has developed the cutting-edge new software ShiftConfirm.ShiftConfirm is a pre-punch notification application for employees that helps businesses optimize their workforce management and streamline their operations. One of the key features of ShiftConfirm is its fully automated process – data is fetched from the UKG server, so there is no need for manual input. This saves time and eliminates the risk of errors with ShiftConfirm. Employees are notified via mail, SMS, or Slack one hour before their shift starts (the time is configurable). Employees can then respond to the notification to confirm whether or not they will be arriving for their shift.

With CloudApper You Can

CloudApper can assist when features are required to improve UKG solutions. It’s a non-technical toolset for modifying UKG that makes it simple to construct anything you desire, share it with the community, and promote prosperity for all. With CloudApper and UKG connector, the user can automate the onboarding process seamlessly of all UltiPro employees into CloudApper, guaranteeing that the employee list is always up to date and minimizing manual error. With this integration, managers can increase security, manage employee access, and prevent ex-employees from accessing private information.

  •     Pull all employee data to CloudApper from UltiPro.
  •     Improve team performance by automating employee shift information.
  •     Streamline and synchronize users and custom information fields.
  •     Empower HR managers with the most up-to-date information on the front-line employee’s schedules.
  •     Enable a time clock integration to minimize buddy punching.
  •     Send employees push notifications ahead of their scheduled time and get a response.
  •     Create analytics dashboards to get better insights and uncovers trends that can guide operational decisions.
  •     Generate custom reports with few clicks for all employees.

The CloudApper App Community for UKG

UKG customers can use CloudApper to automate workflows by moving data between Pro, Dimensions, Ready, and other enterprise systems. Anyone can use our user-friendly system to create workflow automation with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Users can also share their solutions with other UKG customers to empower the community.

Please join us—let CloudApper customize your UKG solutions.

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