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    RightPunch Ready Barcode is a solution developed by the CloudApper community for UKG software to streamline employee punch-in and punch-out processes using barcodes. It is designed specifically to work with UKG Ready, one of the popular UKG software solutions for workforce management. This helps reduce the need for physical time clocks or badges and makes it easier for employees to record their time worked accurately.


    With RightPunch Ready Barcode, UKG users can

    • View employee punches easily
    • Access punch data on their smartphones
    • Streamline employee time tracking
    • Verify employee identities and prevent buddy punching
    • Eliminate the need for badges
    • Automate data entries and reduce errors
    • Seamlessly connect with UKG Ready software to keep employee time card data up-to-date

    Features of the RightPunch Ready Barcode

    • Barcode-based employee identification: Employees use the barcodes provided to them that are verified using smartphones or tablets for punches. This verifies their identities when punching in or out and eliminates the need for physical, expensive time clocks or badges.
    • Touchless identification: The barcode scanning process is contactless, which makes it a convenient and safe option for employees, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Seamless integration with UKG Ready: RightPunch Ready Barcode is designed to work seamlessly with UKG Ready, allowing for easy integration of employee time card data.
    • Works with smartphones and tablets: The solution works with off-the-shelf tablets and smartphones, making them easy replacements for expensive biometric time clocks. Managers can also view the punch information right from their smartphones.


    Dashboard view (web version)


    Employee details (mobile version)


    Employee list (mobile version)


    Employee list (desktop version)


    Employee punch details (mobile version)


    Location details (mobile version)


    Punches list (mobile version)


    Punches list (desktop version)


    RightPunch start screen (mobile version)



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